Trem-Fuzz by Tim Cooper

ok . . . .

Firstly , if you dont already know him , I would like to introduce you to Tim Cooper.

Tim eats lives and breaths fuzz . Fuzz for breakfast , fuzz for brunch . . . you get the idea , I won't go on

We wanted to work with Tim to continue our idea of great British fuzz builders making classic Sola Sound products , but this time we did things a little differently.

Years ago , I made a tremolo pedal in a wah case for Jarvis Cocker - when Pulp was in it's heyday and I've always loved the idea, so I challenged Tim to make our original Tremolo in a treadle case but to make it to the highest possible standards . He didn't let us down - he came back with a tagboard version of Dick Denneys original circuit that sounded spot on - lovely smooth curve - lovely AC30 style throb .

Then he got carried away and I have to say we went with him . He stuck one of his tweaked 1.5 circuits on the back

Basically inside here is a Sola Sound 1.5 circuit married to a Sola Sound tremolo all on tagboard - you may be getting that tagboard is Tim's thing !!!!

It's a new product for us - The Temolo-Fuzz or Trem-Fuzz

Hopefully by the time you see this there will be a little demo of me playing the prototype

oh - and did I mention  . . its purple !!!!


here's a few words from Tim


Under the left stomp we have a reproduction (with some minor artistic license taken) of the early 1970's Colorsound Tremolo.

The foot treadle controls the speed of the tremolo effect, from throbbing slow at heel down, to Bren gun fast at toe down.

The left knob sets the tremolo depth from slow shimmer to thudding volley.


Under the right stomp we have a Tone Bender Mk1.5 fuzz, with a couple of faceless fx tweaks.

Featuring a pair of NOS Philips OC141 NPN germanium transistors, meticulously hand tested and auditioned.

Using NPN germanium transistors in a negative ground circuit, it means you can daisy chain the pedal with other modern effects using the handy 2.1mm power socket on the side. Or slot a PP3 battery in the sturdy clip. No rattles for this baby.

The corresponding knob on the right side sets the fuzz flavour. Or play with your guitar's volume for impressive clean-up to Full Fat FUZZ.

Use either effect individually, or stack the fuzz into the trem for amplitude modulated fuzz magnificence.

All tag board build with carbon composition resistors, WIMA and Vishay caps in the trem section and a pretty Mullard tropical fish in the fuzz.

All components chosen with the William Morris rule of being “beautiful or useful”

Cliff jacks, Bourns and Alpha potentiometers and high quality, long life stomp switches.

Built into the same reproduction enclosure as the Wow-Fuzz pressed on the very machines as the original 1970’s wah pedals. Featuring a new and improved treadle action with extended response. Purple powder coated and chromed.

Tag board layouts, circuit tweaks, and assembly all done by Tim Cooper of faceless fx.





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