MACARIS LETTERHEAD CIRCA 1960 . . . . . . . . . .
MACARIS LETTERHEAD CIRCA 1960 . . . . . . . . . .

About Us

Macaris Musical Instruments was established in 1958 by Brothers Larry and Joe Macari and is still very much a family business run by Joe's son Anthony and Larry's son Steve.

We are the longest running and like to think we are the most well respected musical instrument retailer in Central London.

Macaris has been in no less than nine different locations over the years but can today be found at 92 - 94 Charing Cross Road  just a stone’s throw from the original Macaris music store on Denmark Street and the legendary Jennings Vox shop where Larry first worked in 1956 .

Of course Macaris is also the home of Sola Sound; our sister company producing the famous Tone Bender fuzz pedal since 1965. Be sure to check out our current range by clicking on the Colorsound tab.

At Macaris our helpful, friendly staff will give you a warm welcome to our (albeit jam-packed!) store and can provide expert knowledge of all things musical. It is the perfect place for beginners and professionals alike to seek our advice and to search for the musical instrument of their dreams!

Anyone who has visited us will know that Macaris can be a very busy place, it is not unusual for 50 or 60 guitars to arrive in stock in a day, so please, please, PLEASE give us a shout if there is anything you are after or if you want to double check the stock levels of something that is on the website.

We do try – honestly but we apologize for not being able to always put every single item we stock on the site and also for sometimes not being able to remove items from our website the moment it has been sold.

You can call us on ++20 7836 2856, or email us at

Our business hours are:
10.30am - 6pm Monday to Saturday, and 12 - 4pm Sunday.