The Yellow Hybrid OC140 Tone Bender by jake rothman

The best Tone Bender ever ???

A few years a go , a prototype hybrid Tone Bender turned up from our genius in residence Jake Rothman. He had taken our regular TC Tone Bender and somehow made it work with a combination of silicon transistors and some germanium NKT 214s and a germanium diode . The result was jaw-dropping - a tone bender with the sizzle and sparkle of our much loved TC but with the throaty transparency of a nasty garagey germanium unit.

Since that day the yellow Tone Bender has turned up in various guises but the one we loved the most housed a black sausage shaped OC75 - this was the one Kevin Shields from My Bloody Valentine bought , then returned the next day for four more , saying , this does something no other fuzz pedal does !!!

But now , in 2016 , the pedal is totally perfected and actually carries a serial number ! Jake has found a great batch of OC140s ( basically reverse polarity OC75s ) and this had enabled him to add a regular power supply input plus an LED on/off indicator , whilst retaining that sound that we're so smitten with.