stylophone s-1

Its Back !!

well it never really went away

but we are delighted to have a new fresh batch of the incredible Stylophone which is actually better than the 70s original !

Now it has three octaves to choose from as well as the master tuner - plus theres now a volume control ( the old one didnt have that ) and a aux in so you can whack your phone through it and play along , as well as a line out for when you record that cover of Space Oddity !!!

The Stylophone - every room in every home should have one !!!

Dubreq’s ‘Stylophone’ is one of the most iconic and popular electronic keyboard instruments of all time, having sold over 4 million between its invention in 1968 and today. The Stylophone S1 retains all the features from 1968 but with up-to-date technology, making it even more fun to make your own music!

Features include:

  • Classic retro design with chromed grille
  • Nickel-plated keyboard played with brass-tipped stylus
  • Vibrato function
  • Line-in and headphone sockets (3.5mm jack)
  • 3 voices, bass, classic and treble

Additional features

  • Built-in Stylus
  • Built-in Speaker
  • Vibrato Switch
  • Volume Control
  • Tone Switch
  • Tuning Control
  • On/Off Switch
  • MP3 Input (3.5mm)
  • Line Out (3.5mm)
  • 3.5mm Cable Inc

Invented in 1968 by Brian Jarvis, co-founder of Dubreq Studios, the Stylophone has become one of the best selling single musical instruments of all time, having sold three million units in the 1960’s and 70’s, and almost a million further units since it’s re-launch in 2007.
Envisaged originally as a ‘toy synthesiser’, the instrument’s unique method of play and classic synth sound, coupled with it’s uniquely small size, made it popular with professional musicians as well as the public, and it has become a truly cult instrument with fans in the very highest echelons of the music industry.
The basic premise of the Stylophone design was simple; to create a keyboard instrument that was cheap to manufacture (by eliminating the need for physical keys and replacing them with the plated circuit board touch-pads it is now so famous for) and which was easy for anyone to pick up and learn. To intentionally cut out the esoteric ‘need to be taught’ that put so many youngsters and newcomers off picking up a musical instrument.

David Bowie plays the Stylophone

In 1969 David Bowie famously used the Stylophone in the track ‘Space Oddity’ and it’s popularity sky-rocketed even further. The Stylophone was subsequently used many famous artists of the day including the Beatles, Kraftwerk, Queen, Vangelis , The Osmonds and many more.