Sola Sound MK i Tone Bender by steve williams #41 - scratched

is it fuzz or is it art ?

So , the run is very nearly at the end


I have just one Steve Williams Pigdog MK1 tone bender left to sell - its fantastic - Ive demoed it in the shop so its picked up a few dings ( so its at a discounted price )  - but nothing serious and nothing in a bad place - it's number #41


so - yes - be quick


There is only one other left in the store and that's number 50 , and that may well stay here in our collection - we're not sure yet





here's the regular blurb



When we made the decision to make MKI Tone Benders again after 52 years we decided they had to be the best - so we worked with four MKI magicians - these ones were made by Steve Williams at Pigdog FX


words by David Main . . .

The 'Sola Sounds Ltd' MKI. Visually based upon the final incarnation of the MKI and the only version to sport the manufacturers moniker. A MKI produced by Stephen Williams. You know the score. Perfectly executed and what most would tonally consider the classic MKI flavor. Superbly smooth with a tight and focused fuzz tone, offering a stout and workable tone at zero Attack and a hugely saturated yet stable tone at maximum levels. Working at high volume this thing will almost play itself. The higher frequency content being centered in the upper midrange makes for a deep and brooding fuzz tone when used in conjunction with PAF style humbuckers: you are now entering Ronson territory.

The construction style is what you'd expect from Mr. Pigdog. Clean lines and a tidy house. The wire routing has a slightly more modern approach though still retains a vintage old school quality. The components are of a vintage nature, Hunts and Iskra capacitors and 2 watt Allen Bradley resistors. The transistor arrangement comprises of a single black glass OC75 and 2 x NKT OC81's.


music by Philip - pinstripedclips - If you love fuzz and you haven't subscribed to his YouTube channel - just do it now

This is a project that started in 2014. It has come to it’s fruition three years later. We knew if we were going to make Mk I Tone Benders again after nearly 53 years they had to be special. More than special in fact, they had to be in a different World to the clones and copies already on the market. So we started from the ground up .

After looking at our options for making the case we decided upon a new workshop we’d never used before. The guy was old school, he understood the technology used when the original cases were made, he still had the same machinery, he understood the metal and the way it was bent, he also supported Arsenal.

I took my original 65 MK I down to him and we dissected it . He made probably the most detailed drawings ever made of a Mk I case and we re-made it.

Some people would have had feet stuck on or just used an off-the-shelf punch to make the little domed indentations for the feet. No, we had a special tool made so they were perfect replicas of my original unit.

Then came the painting. We must have sprayed and painted 200 squares of metal gold before we realised that it was close but not perfect. To obtain the finish we have on these pedals, each coat has to be applied  . . . well it’s a bit of a secret. Let’s just say the man that did it normally paints custom decals onto motorbikes – he’s an artist.

Getting the logos right was easy, as we have a friend called JV who just won’t let us make a mistake – its as if his purpose in life to make sure Sola Sound products are perfect graphically. We owe him a huge thank you.

We then approached four of the finest and experienced boutique builders in the UK to make the pedals. Each with their own take on the circuit. It has been a total pleasure working with them all and I hope the feelings mutual.

Part selection was down to the makers – our only instructions were to not cut any corners – this must be the best possible pedal.

Each MK I has an internal hologram with a non-repeatable number . Hopefully this will keep any fakes from popping up – there’s a little card in each box with the hologram number and serial number of each pedal. Steve and I have signed them – you can always throw them out if you don’t like them – ha !

Lastly, they’re in a velvet bag. You might think I’m daft going on about a bag but its a special bag . Again, not an off the shelf bag. My cousin Rosita who actually applied the logos to the original pedals in 1965 is a seamstress and made them for us – a nice little touch bringing the project full circle.

Even the cardboard box we put it in has been custom ordered.

Then Philip did the video clips – we are lucky people!

You know, sometimes I think we’re a bit crazy!!!

Thanks a million to everyone involved in this project.



£899.00 £849.00


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