sola sound 'Goldie' Tone Bender by david main

The one people call the 1.5

After the success of our Pro MKII remake we thought it only natural to produce the other really sought after 60s Tone Bender , the one that has come to be known as the 1.5 ( due to it being in between the MK1 and MK2 you see ) . Again , not one corner has been cut in the making of this pedal – we have gone the best sand casters in the UK , sourced the very best transistors available and most importantly are working with the man we consider the finest exponent of the art of vintage pedal making . Here’s a few words from David Main’s website:

So . . .  this is a re-make of, what is commonly referred to as, the Tone Bender MKI.5. Said to be the first circuit type used in any Sola Sound sand cast enclosure and the only Tone Bender made with two germanium transistors. The MKI.5 like all the Sola Sound fuzz boxes from that period (circa 1965-68) has an odd history and certain factors that that confuse anyone geeky enough to get involved with tracing its history. Why did the enclosure never state a brand name?, did Gary Hurst design it?, why did some units have a MKII circuit inside? Was the design anything to do with Dick Denney? How come the Arbiter Fuzz Face has pretty much the same circuit?...and so on.

Anyways, back to now Same deal as with the Sola Sound Professional MKII. This is a Sola Sound pedal manufactured by D*A*M. These pedals represent many years of research and study on the original units. The new Sola Sound MKI.5 is based on research that was conducted on over 10+ original vintage units to hopefully give you folk an obtainable and authentic sounding pedal that not only has the tone of a genuine vintage pedal but the tone of a good sounding example. As in, not all vintage pedals sound great, some are good some are amazing. The sound squeezed into the pedals is intended to represent the cream of the crop.

So sonically what can you expect? The tone is a little heavier and denser when compared to that of the Professional MKII. Has some of that beefy woolliness of a good germanium Fuzz Face but still has enough cut and shove to not completely loose it in the mix. The saturation levels are lower too so works pretty neat for driving a big ballsy amplifier over the edge but never to the extent that things completely fall apart



Anthony and Steve Macari’s aim is to make the finest fuzz pedals available to mankind using the same honesty and integrity employed by our fathers Larry and Joe who founded the company in 1965.

There are no secrets about out circuits, and no parts that cannot be replaced. Our hope is that none of our products will ever end up in landfill.

We take it as a huge compliment that people copy and clone our products but we do take exception to using our Trade Marks and Product names. If you see ‘Tone Bender’ on a non Sola Sound or licensed product them be sure that it is being used against our express wishes. 



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