Sola Sound El Diablo by David Main

1966 revisited

OKOK - I'll spill the beans - it's like the pedal we made for Vox in '66 .

But the trouble is - when you find one of those originals it can be the best fuzz youve ever heard  . . .or it can be  . . . .a little  . . .well . . not the best fuzz ever .


The secret is in how the transistors work together so of course El Diablo is built to replicate the best 66 you'll ever hear - mastier than a MKII or 1.5 so we've sort of called it a 1.75 - bit of a fuzz nerd joke really !

heres what David Main , the guy who builds them has to say

Mr. Macari's colour choice, Mr. Main's circuit choice. The thing I choose is the master of the terrible, or the way I see it, the master of smarts. Two guesses, a two transistor Tone Bender circuit that oozes filth? Gimme a V, gimme an O, gimme X, What's that spell? What's that spell? Not entirely a direct clone, I kinda done that a little before; right? More of a thumbs up to Mr. Denney a nod and a wink to Sola style circa 1966 all squeezed together with an injection of my own.

Another project of matching collar and cuffs. Angry sick looking pedal makes angry sick sounding tones. Lots of gain on tap, plump output levels, and sickly amounts of midrange chop and cut. Super articulate on leads, super gnarly on chords runs. The transistor set-up I''ve opted for almost gets this thing into MKII territory at times. Really nicely saturated when wound open but surprisingly controllable. Two words for reference: Krieger and Asheton.


 Anthony and Steve Macari’s aim is to make the finest fuzz pedals available to mankind using the same honesty and integrity employed by our fathers Larry and Joe who founded the company in 1965.

There are no secrets about out circuits, and no parts that cannot be replaced. Our hope is that none of our products will ever end up in landfill.

We take it as a huge compliment that people copy and clone our products but we do take exception to using our Trade Marks and Product names. If you see ‘Tone Bender’ on a non Sola Sound or licensed product them be sure that it is being used against our express wishes. 



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