Sola Sound BUM fuzz by D.A.M.

replica of Edwyn's 'girl like you' fuzz

So why the BUM FUZZ ?  - well legend has it that a 'U' sticker was put over the '&' on the original making it into the BUM Fuzz - we thought that was pretty cool so we went with it .

Well we took Edwyns unit and replicated it - well David Main of D*A*M replicated it  . . 

Part section and specification on this first run are all based exactly upon Edwyn's own personal B&M Fuzz Unit. Resistor values and even potentiometer types can vary greatly within the vintage units so performance and tone can differ greatly from one example to the next. These reissues are built with exacting attention to tonal detail so those raunchy and sleazy fuzz tones are easily achieved. The circuit's are loaded with gain selected BC184 silicon transistors that offer a very low signal to noise ratio. The fuzz tone is smooth with a broad and very even EQ balance. The lows are full and chunky, the highs a bright tangly sizzle. The available sustain goes from a dirty low gain drive tone to a full-on high energy fuzz. The Sola Sound BUM Fuzz Unit is simple but very versatile fuzz box that is equally at home with a small tube driven combo or larger high powered amplification.

check out pinstripedclips on youtube - superb pedal demos ! Thanks Philip

and a quick personal demo in Macaris


very fuzzy

play the guitar and turn the knobs


is it orange ? yes

is it fuzzy ? yes

will it make me more attractive to the opposite sex ? yes

will my neighbours hate me ? yes

should i buy one ? yes

can I play it in the bath ? no

will it be more valuable in 1000 years ? yes