Luna Pink martini Concert

shaken . . . not stirred

One night I was out drinkin' late at old Jakes saloon when suddenly a rumour went around . .  'BIG LOU'S IN TOWN'

I had put away three screwdrivers  , and was attending to the rest of my tool kit when I noticed a massive figure in the doorway - He was an enormous man , he blocked out all the light behind him , I could scarcely see my Tom Collins 

Slowly  . .he approached the bar 

Even old Jake , a man of huge experience , wore a worried expression as the man took off his gunbelt and laid down his weapon on the countertop

( I should explain at this point that Old Jakes saloon is in a Wild West type place , and should not be confused with old Jakes Salon - the hairdressers in Peckham.)

b. of beer sir ?The man looked him straight in the eye 

Not for me old man , I'll be havin' one of your famous Pink Martinis !

Nobody laughed although the juxtaposition was fairly obvious 

Immediately Jake whipped up his most famous creation , accompanied by Bucky Formby on ukulele - normally this was a time for celebration but no one danced , no one even moved , not a muscle 

The stranger eyed the drink then with one swift movement lifted it deftly by the stem, downed it in one and replaced the glass on the bar 

Jake looked up desperately hoping for approval in the mans eyes 

a . . .another sir ? he asked as the stranger placed three dollars on the counter 

Another ? the man asked - No sir - I'd be crazy to be hangin' around here - haven't you heard - Big Lou's in town !  


so . . . . .on that note ( E flat )

we present the Luna Pink Martini concert uke  . . .enjoy