Blue Series G-SA

grand auditorium

We were lucky enough to visit Frantisek and Peter Furch in their amazing workshops in the Czech Republic recently.

One of the things that immediately struck us was a stockpile of amazing zebrawood with incredible features.

Well here's the first guitar to arrive built with that actual wood - an absolute stunner !

This is a very high-quality acoustic guitar made from carefully selected solid woods - i know , I've seen them in the raw even before drying ! 

Furch also have an amazing secret soundboard voicing technique which involves the soundboard being sanded to different depths in different area - we weren't allowed to see it in detail

The there's the revolutionary Furch CNR System® neck joint - this is truly eye-opening - giving the guitar extra resonance and more space inside as well as providing maximum control over the neck shape

The Open-Pore Finish enables the guitar to respond like instruments twice it's price 

And then there's the looks ! Refined warm appearance featuring a rosette with a black walnut inlay, artificial tortoise pick guard and body binding , oh and did i mention the zebrawood ?

price includes deluxe gigbag


On my recent visit to Furch Guitars in the Czech Republic I asked about their environmental policies  . . . .

We produce Furch guitars using the finest raw materials from duly verified suppliers from throughout the world. Almost 60 m3 of material is required for their production each year, while exotic wood forms almost two thirds of that amount. We make great effort to compensate both society and nature for the consumption of these valuable raw materials through our work with the Arimae community in Panama, which comprises local families who engage in the protection of tropical forests and the planting and care of exotic woods with an emphasis on their sustainable development. As part of our financial support we help the community take care of four hectares of cocobolo trees (dalbergia retusa), and two hectares of mahogany (swietenia macrophylla) with a total average growth of 39 m3. We plan to extend the scope of this cooperation in the future with the aim of fully compensating all of our exotic wood consumption.

Promoting care for exotic woods and their careful handling is a part of our broader concept, which determines our approach to the environment. For example, a few years ago we developed and began using an environmentally friendly and high-gloss surface finish called Full-Pore High-Gloss Finish, which is completely free from chemical solvents and thereby does not pollute the air like conventional solvent-containing varnishes. We intend to continue these activities in the future and gradually expand them with other ecological practices and technologies.







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