sola sound Pro MKII Tone Bender by david main

Here it is !

The One !

We've worked so hard to get into a stock situation with this pedal , at some points there has been a waiting list as long as a year and a half , sorry :(

This is the Sola Sound Pro MKII Tone Bender, the one we originally made in 1965, the one we supplied to Jimmy Page just before Led Zep 1, the one Dick Taylor used in the Pretty Things , the one that has been called the most important stompbox ever made .

We know many may people copy our MKII and to be honest we take it as a huge compliment ( apart from when they use our trade marks and sell their pedals using our name and history - not nice !!!!! ) 

So, it is very important to us that ours is the very finest version of the circuit available - we don't think about cost , we just go out to make the best pedal possible - we find the best sand casters to make the case , the best painters to paint it , painstakingly go through thousands of transistors ( 80% get rejected) and source the very best components. Then we employ David Main , possibly the most knowledgeable and talented pedal builder on the planet to put it all together . On top of that, with the help of the Worlds most eagle-eyed artwork man ( who we call Electric Warrior ) we have gone through an incredible process of perfecting the graphics until they are millimeter perfect. The result is what you see and hear - a beautifully built, beautiful looking, amazing sounding fuzz pedal.

We like to think this is a great tribute to our fathers - Larry and Joe Macari and to the original designer Gary Hurst 


So why is the MKII so special and sought after?

Well, some would say that it all about the place it holds in the world of rock’n’roll. When I demo a MKII in the shop these days I am still blown away by the sound – for me it is the epitome of great guitar tone – loads of headroom , warm fat crunch through to aggressive rock tones suitable for downtuning , then back off your volume and there are all those huge blues tones . That’s today . . .what it must have been like back in 1964 I can only imagine – It must have been like a spaceship landing – most people walking into Macaris back then would have only heard a fuzzbox on record – this pedal played through an old Marshall or Selmer or Vox – well , for a guitarist , it must have been life changing .


So you may have noticed the price has gone up a little - we;ll , it had to - sorry - it was time - BUT we've tried to give you a little more  . . these latest ones have some very cool vintage Iskra caps under the hood - another step in our never-ending quest for proper time honored goodness :)


Anthony and Steve Macari’s aim is to make the finest fuzz pedals available to mankind using the same honesty and integrity employed by our fathers Larry and Joe who founded the company in 1965.

There are no secrets about out circuits, and no parts that cannot be replaced. Our hope is that none of our products will ever end up in landfill.

We take it as a huge compliment that people copy and clone our products but we do take exception to using our Trade Marks and Product names. If you see ‘Tone Bender’ on a non Sola Sound or licensed product them be sure that it is being used against our express wishes. 



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