romany 10

Drown out the TV

The Cornell-Romany has a natural distortion sound that was popular in America back at the beginning of guitar amplifier design. Amplifier-makers at that time sold it to the Blues heroes whose technique has since become the classic distortion sound. The output is produced from a single valve, known as “single-ended class A output”. The lack of cross-over distortion when the valve clips, results in the Cornell-Romany tone.

The Cornell-Romany amplifier employs this classic output design by not having gain or master volume controls, only the output valve is involved in the distortion sound. The drawback with this design is that the distortion sound is only achieved at maximum output, and at 10 watts the sound is enough to penetrate walls and upset neighbours. To overcome this we have a unique power reduction design that reduces the output over 4 levels; the maximum of 10 watts is reduced to around 0.05 watts (you will be surprised at just how loud this is) although there is little clean head room when wound up. Even so, it will still drown out the television. These 4 settings will allow you to play from a considerably distorted sound to a clean 10 watts, that is more than enough head room to accompany an acoustic piano, for example.

Hi input (2.2 MΩ)

Controls: Volume, bass, middle, treble Push Pull switch on volume operates EQ cut (bypass for the tone controls)

Valve Complement:
1 x ECC83
1 x 6L6GT

Output Switch:

Power A-B-C-D
A – 10 watts
B – 1.5 watts
C – 0.25 watt
D – 0.05 watt

Mains (On/Off)

Single ended class A Cathode bias

Speaker output (1/4 inch jack socket) 8 ohm output

Supplied with a Jensen CH1070 x 10 inch Blue Label speaker

Classic Tweed
Brown grille
Leather handle

Weight: 25.3 lbs (11.5kg)

Size: 13 x 18 x 7.75 inches (330 x 457 x 197mm)