One Knob Fuzz by D.A.M.

The first fuzz

So here's the latest British handbuilt Fuzz Box  . which in a funny way is also the first British hand made Fuzz Box . A recreation of ,AC30 designer and general genius , Dick Denney's early 60s circuit !

from the D.A.M. site

When asked by Mr. Macari "what pedal would you to make next" the overly excited words that tumbled out of my mouth were "FUZZ BOX!" So presenting amigos, The Colorsound Fuzz Box, thee Fuzz Box. Brain child of non other that the late great Dick Denney. These fresh faced brightly coloured wonders are based upon the original pedals Dick handmade for Colorsound in the 1990's and have been put together with the help of his actual hand drawn circuit diagrams dating from the 1960's. Coolness and then some.

Non-harsh-oscillating-processing. For a relatively high gain silicon fuzz circuit this thing is smooth, like real smooth, a soft smooth you could say. Make no mistake this blue cyclops will fart-out a chewy smoke laden fuzz cloud you can really get your teeth into but will do so with a degree of etiquette. Bourbon as mouthwash holes punched through corrugated cardboard kinda tones but delivered to your ears with an air of refinement. No mad spazzed out oscillation and no frying eggs soundtracks going on in the background. In other words, it's a smartly designed circuit. Very simple, but thoroughly thought out. As cliched as it will sound it is a very germanium sounding silicon pedal. Not that silicon can't or doesn't sound warm or smooth but, to me at any rate, this degree of refinement adds much greatness to the whole idea of having a circuit so simple in design and function that sounds so well balanced. It'll easily trip on freaked out garage riffage all day long but happily chow down on the heavier 70's vibes.
One knob, many flavours. The Fuzz Box's refinement also makes this a very interactive tool. It stacks well with other noise makers and gels beautifully with a heavily overdriven amplifier, no sag no control loss in the low end. Clean up, you are not going to get clean up from the volume control on your guitar but what you do get is tonal variation. What is there is musical and most definitely usable.


Update May 2020 . After years of not having these - a batch of 100 is being produced !!!

YEEESSSSSSSSS ! It's like an old friend has turned up on the doorstep