Colorsound Bass Fuzz

50 for the world

it's happened again

Its been a long time since we made a bass fuzz - but its back - in a new case - with a light !!! Its sounds totally killer  . . just buy it !!


a few words from David Main who took Dick's design and did his thing with it  . . . .

Fat bottomed girls, you make the rockin' world go 'round! Cool new project number 11. And this project most certainly is rockin' the absolute fattest of bottoms.

The Colorsound Bass Fuzz. Designed by the late great master himself - Dick Denney. Originally made by Dick in 1990's the Colorosund Bass Fuzz has a cult like following following with those that seek mountain destroying amounts of low end. It was Dick's take on the Jumbo Tone Bender circuit but the relation ends in it's namesake, this pedal sounds like no Jumbo that you ever have known.

Dig it. It's miniaturized! Well, for a Colorsound pedal that is. The 2019 Bass Fuzz is streamlined and even has modern day features of a LED status indicator (it glows Sakura purple) and a DC tap for an external battery eliminator. Not to get too modern and too high tech the circuit board present in the Bass Fuzz is perfect replication of the original 1970's Jumbo Tone Bender circuit board. Quality components used through-out with a nod to the vintage but with modern day reliably and accuracy. All filter capacitors present in the Bass Fuzz circuit are all polystyrene types giving you an incredibly low floor for such a high gain fuzz device, these combined with low noise audio transistors (BC549C) deliver very impressive high fidelity brutality.

Tonally a very different beast to the standard Jumbo Tone Bender incarnations (The Bum Fuzz Unit and TC Tone Bender) not only due to the massive EQ scope but also the nature of the fuzz tones available. At higher gain settings the Bass Fuzz becomes almost synth like in quality with universe splitting overload with huge swathes of compressed saturation. Lowering the fuzz control and altering of the tonal output places one into more natural territory with juicy overdrive like qualities that work most excellently with high powered tube amplification.
Does it guitar? Yes it does. Superbly so. The EQ scope is so broad that the Bass fuzz functions equally well with a bass tuned to low B as with a six string instrument in standard tuning. The Colorsound Bass Fuzz - a true power house of fuzz tones.

There are 50 pieces in the project in total (numbered #000 - #049) with all units being assembled by Daniel Lee Tunstill. All set-up procedures, transistor selection, final testing and inspection are carried out by myself.