18v power boost with master vol by Stu Castledine

its big , it's orange and it's loud

So this is what happens when we run out of Power Boost cases . .

We find a bunch of MKIII cases and ask Stu Castledine to work his magic

The result is this stunning 18v Power Boost with master volume and led

I know I've said it before , but when you plug this in it's hard to imagine guitar playing life without it - it is a TONE MACHINE !!!


We don't like to shout about who used this one

It’s great to be involved with yet another great British builder and especially Stu who seems to know this circuit better than anyone on the planet.

The pedal itself needs little introduction - monstrous tone – shimmery glassy treble boost – huge bass boost then easing its way through crunchy overdrive into aggressive nastiness – how can anyone not LOVE that !?
We have used to reconditioned original 60s Vox for the case , then we went through three different screening processes before settling on this one . Mr E Warrior cleaned up and reworked Alan Murray’s original artwork (huge thanks as always) and the rest is down to Stu . . . .
I used my '72 Power Boost as a reference. 
The PCB is a copy of the final 18V version with PP3 batteries. (I think the first one was a reverse board, second was the normal way up, but had the 33k in a different position and no terminal for the common battery connection. EW thinks this third version came about with the switch to PP3 batteries, which makes sense).
Pots are sourced from Omeg, custom made. I've gone with a reverse log pot for the Volume. The original ones had a linear pot, but the reverse log gives a better sweep - I think your standard ones have reverse log too?
Transistors are BC184L, as in my original.


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