ONE ONLY Red and Gold Bum Fuzz

There is one - one only !

So when we made our last batch of Bum Fuzzes we asked our highly skilled painters and screeners to let their hair down and have a bit of fun with colours . The result was a bunch of one-off cases - this one is in very posh Red and Gold !

So what's inside ?

Its a Jumbo Tone Bender with vintage ZETEX transistors ( like the Blue Moon Bum Fuzz ) - we like to think it's the best silicon fuzz pedal on the Planet :)


A few words from Mr David Main

The Sola Sound Bum Fuzz Unit V2 -The evil sister to the Collins Bum Fuzz. Bad attitude, aggressive tendencies, that kinda annoying loud talky thing bad drunkards do. Old timey wisdom under the hood in the form of the occult level ZETEX (ZTX) 109

Less talky more noises. Not only does this sound clip further prove that Philip is definitely a wizard but that he also possesses telekinetic and psychic abilities.
Mind wandering, thinking - it would be kinda cool if the sound clip for the blue Bum was like an 'eavy 'eavy type of thing, hmmm, maybe I'll ask Phillip if he could do something leaning in that direction...
About an hour later...mind blown.

I'd say the above pretty much outlines the intent here. Bigger, badder, bolder. A searing blanket of fuzz with enough low end to crush bones. Bass fuzz? Why yes. Anything with lower tunings this will most certainly be friends with. That said, this isn't freakish mutant of some kinda, it is still a 70's fuzz circuit. In actuality the main reference pedal was a Eurotec Black Box Fuzz Module.


There is just one of these pedals - if you fancy a very tasty fuzz in an exclusive livery - look no further


the best of Rock to you all


Ant and Steve


Sola Sound



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